Nursery fees

  • We can organise any combination of sessions in a week to suit your child.

  • Two children attending the Nursery from the same family are entitled to a 10% discount on fees for the eldest child. We call this sibling discount.

  • We are registered to accept Government grant funded sessions for 3 and 4 year olds.

  • Places are available all year round or for term time only to fit in with Nursery Grant funding.

  • Details of holiday discounts are available on request.

    Places - Availability can change quickly. We try to be flexible. Please contact us with your requirements.


    The first week's fees will secure your child a Nursery place. All fees are to be paid one week in advance.


    We have completely revised our fee and hours structure!

    Under this exciting new arrangement, the nursery day is divided up into time slots. You can book any slots you like (subject to some minor conditions) according to the list below. You don't pay for a day or half day - you pay for the time you are actually here during the day. This can only save you money! Phone us for more information.

    3 hours £16 lunch extra £1.50
    4 hours £20.00 lunch extra £1.50
    5 hours £22.75
    6 hours £26.50
    7 hours £30.25
    8 hours £33.50
    9 hours £34.50
    10 hours £35.50
    10.5 hours £38
    7.30 am - 6 pm.