Past Events

Latest Ofsted Report

We recently hosted our OFSTED inspection. This is a searching examination of our
Nursery setting, to a very high standard.

We achieved a rating of OUTSTANDING in three of the OFSTED inspection categories, and GOOD (one below OUTSTANDING) in all the others.

Some quotes from the OFSTED report:

...The play rooms are thoughtfully set out to create a welcoming and stimulating
environment for all children.....

... Strong partnerships with parents are established. Staff work closely with parents to meet children’s individual needs...

...The children are exceptionally well behaved and thoughtful. They show consideration towards others and obviously enjoy each others company....

...The owner/manager and staff are committed to the continuous improvement of the provision....

We know we have worked hard since we opened to give excellent nursery care at an affordable price, and we are over the moon to get this acknowledgement from Ofsted.
If you want to read the full report go to

NEW Flexi Fees!

We've revised our fee and hours structure. Unlike old fashioned fee structures, we broke the nursery day into time slots, and charge accordingly. This means you only pay for the time your child is with us during the nursery day (subject to some minor conditions). Look in the Prices and Availability tab to see how this can help you save money!

Or, if you want to know more, give us a ring on 0151 630 0105.

We have arrived on Facebook!

Most of our current parents and friends are now aware that we have a Facebook site.

We didn’t want to shout about it for a while, until we could see how it was going. Now we can tell you it has been a great success!

We can tell you what is going on through the day, what menus we have on the day, and much, much more.

If you want to get to know us better, just find us on facebook. Like us too, if you want!

Food Hygiene Success

The Food Hygiene Rating is a government initiative to inspect and rate every kitchen where food is being supplied to the public. Since we provide meals from our kitchen this obviously applied to us, and we recently welcomed the inspection team to look at our kitchen.

We’ve just had the results, and are glad to say we scored 5 – the highest possible score. We’re delighted with this, because it acknowledges the care we take over the meals and snacks we provide. The certificates will be going on display soon.


Obviously, we can’t say too much about this! However, our rolling security review has allowed us to identify opportunities to improve internal zoning and access control. We have now done this.

We have also revisited our policy on photographs of children. We do not believe it is good policy for us to promote our business by publishing photographs of the children in our care. Parents give permission (or not - it's up to parents) for photographs, but to us this is only good enough to cover areas such as photographs used in the Nursery on displays and those required by accredited outside agencies. This is why you won't see photographs of children on this website.

In any business like ours, there is always a conflict between the marketing of the business and security. The viewpoint we have chosen denies us the use of some really great photographs, but we believe it to be the right one at the moment.

School Transition

We are approaching the time of year when some of our children will leave us to go to school.

We know this is a very important time for our children, and we do our best to make this change as enjoyable and memorable as it should be.

At this time of year we have a programme of information-gathering about the schools each of our children will be attending - we produce books for each school with photos, teacher information etc. Where we can, we try to arrange a visit for each child to see his or her new school. We make sure that every child (and sometimes parent) has the opportunity to get answers and reassurance for the questions and worries they may have.

Through all this, our aim is for every child to arrive at his or her new school happy, and looking forward to the next adventure.